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Grenada FlagGrenada is known as the Spice Island due to the amount and variety they grow. This includes the nutmeg, which is native to Indonesia and was imported to Grenada in 1843. Today Grenada is the 2nd leading producer of nutmeg and accounts for 20% of world’s production. It is so important to Grenada that the nutmeg is part of the national flag.

Christopher Columbus discovered Grenada in 1498 and named it Concepción. However, Spanish sailors found the green hills reminded them of Andalusia that they used the name Granada, after the Spanish town, instead. Even though the French settle Grenada in 1652 and the British captured it in 1762, the name remained but was altered to Grenada (first a changed to e).

Helpful Info
Population – 107,300
Money – shares the Eastern Caribbean dollar with 5 other countries and 2 British islands (fixed at US$1 = EC$2.70)
Language – English
Religion – 88.1% Christian
When to go – Dec-June is most popular. Summer is nice also, but a little hotter and more humid. Hurricanes most active Aug-Oct.
World Heritage Sites – 0 – None
Country formed – Independence from United Kingdom on 7 Feb 1974

Map of the Grenada bus system

Independence from Britain was achieved in 1974, but a coup d’état in 1979 brought Maurice Bishop into power with the idea of converting the country to communism with the help of Cuba and Russia. In late 1983 Bishop and his cabinet were executed because he did not follow through on the plan. One week later the USA intervened militarily and restored order. Since that time the country has prospered and there are still signs of gratitude.

My Visit

I first set sail for Grenada in June 2018 and have returned many times to cruise the area, run charters, and haul my boat out during hurricane season.

Likes, Dislikes, and Recommendations

Grenada is a wonderful island with several cruising areas, a lively live aboard community, and amazing nature ashore. From a boating stand point you will either be at the northern island of Carriacou, all the way down to the lower quarter of the west coast where the capital is, or all along the southern coast.

I highly recommend using Cutty for an island tour, since the man seems to know every single plant on the island and the use of each one. Also if you come to Grenada in late May to early July make sure you witness the leatherback turtles laying eggs on the beach.

About the only thing I do not care for in Grenada is dealing with customs when trying to bring parts and supplies to your boat, so be careful. You can check out more helpful hints by reading each of my Grenada blog posts below and soon I will have a travel video of Grenada available with more info.

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