Chartering aboard Soggy Doggy

Welcome aboard Soggy Doggy, the future site of your best vacation ever!

My name is Captain Shane and Lily is the 1st Mate. We would love to invite you to join the adventure and have the time of your life aboard Soggy Doggy. You may even end up calling it your best vacation EVER (check out our reviews).

There are three different pricing options for your amazing charter on Soggy Doggy.

First, you can chose the captain plus option in which an 8 days/7 nights charter costs $16,000 plus expenses. Expenses for the week usually run $125-250 per person for food, $100-200 total for moorings, $500-1200 total in govt fees (only if going to BVI), and $100-200 total for fuel/water. With this great price you get our services of provisioning the boat ahead of time saving you 3-4 hours, fresh fruit bowls each morning, baking my famous homemade bread for lunch sandwiches, and cooking 3 of the dinners.

Second, you can chose a half board option. This costs between $21,700 and $23,100 depending on the number of guests. With this option you get an all inclusive charter including 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 3 dinners. This gives you an option to try out some of the local restaurants for 3 lunches and 4 dinners.

Third, you can chose the totally all inclusive option for $22,000 to $24,000 depending on the number of guests. With this option everything is included in the price and all meals are taken on the vessel.

Regardless of which option you chose you will also get to join us for a nightly captain’s drink of the day, personal tours of historic sites, amazing snorkel trips, great hikes, and so much more that will make you say at the end of your charter “This was the best vacation EVER!!!”

During your charter you can do anything you want from absolutely nothing but lie in the sun, to playing in the water and snorkel the reefs as if you were in an aquarium.  If you are feeling a little more adventurous you can help sail the boat.  Your charter gives you access to all the equipment aboard the vessel including snorkel gear for diving on the reefs, beach gear for lying around in the sand, paddleboards for your paddling desires, fishing gear to appease your hunter/gather side, and other toys socked away for you to discover.

If you would like to learn how to sail, we can make this a learning vacation. You will be helping in ALL aspects of running the boat as we explore the Virgin Islands including route planning, navigation, sail handling, and much more. Like I said, a great way to learn about sailing and cruising and is my form of a sailing school.

After reading all of this I know you are interested in a vacation with us aboard Soggy Doggy, so check out the calendar to see our availability and contact us with any questions. We look forward to having you as a guest aboard Soggy Doggy.

Below are some videos I made a while back showcasing the amazing snorkeling and each of the islands of the US and British Virgin Islands. Enjoy!