Sailing School

Have you ever wanted to learn to sail, advance your skills, get blue water experience, or learn about cruising a boat to remote locations? If so, join us for a charter and I can instruct you as much as you desire. We can spend a little time learning the basics of sailing and cruising or we can go full bore and get you ready for a bareboat charter or to take your own boat cruising. The other benefit you will get while aboard, besides lots of learning and experience, is plenty of time to snorkel reefs, visit beaches, hike, see waterfalls, etc. Basically getting all the benefits of a vacation while learning to sail and cruise.  Let’s call it a LEARNCATION!!!

I do get questions about certifications, and while I am an ASA instructor I am not affiliated with an ASA school, so I can not give out certifications. This is actually not a big deal since all the certification really does is tell bareboat rental companies where your knowledge level is and you can do this just as easily by showing your experience learning with us on your sailing resume. Plus, I think you will get way more knowledge and experience in a week with us than you will in a certification class offered at the minimum time allowed. I do find it telling that many of the people I have had aboard to learn have since either successfully chartered a bareboat or have bought their own boat and are now cruising.

Check out the calendar for our availability to see when you can come aboard and start learning.

Driving the boat
Unzipping the bag
Driving and instructing
How to sail


“We were two couples from Colorado with a goal of learning how to sail a catamaran so that one day we might become full time cruisers. Shane’s program of hands-on ASA instruction fit our goals perfectly.  And what better place to do it than the BVI’s.

Shane’s teaching method of “I’ll show you once, and you do it after that”, but still there with a guiding hand, was great.  Motoring, picking up a mooring, anchoring, plotting a course, and then finally raising the sails.  By day 4, we were running the boat and having a great time.  When approaching other boats, Shane would quiz us often about who has the right-of-way, and ask us why.  All of this was wonderful practical learning experience that you can’t get from a book.

The guys wanted to know practically everything about the boat and Shane was very patient and answered all of their questions.  They opened every access panel, discussed all the systems and components, checked and filled the engine oil, and ended up with an excellent understanding of a catamaran.

We also had plenty of time snorkeling, relaxing, and having fun.  We’ve never quite had such a vacation where we completely lost track of day and time.  What a life!

Thanks so much for an awesome week Shane!  We hope to be anchoring beside you on our own boats someday soon.” – Melissa & Chris


Enjoy the following sailing school videos and don’t forget to check out the sailing school blogs below. If there is a sailing subject you would like me to write about or make a video for, please let me know.


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