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When you come aboard Soggy Doggy you will be treated as if you were a guest in our home…and we love cooking and entertaining for our guests.

This means regardless of your choice between a cost plus charter, half board, or all inclusive you will have a vessel provisioned and ready for your arrival. Also, you will be waking up to coffee and fresh fruit bowls, will have the smell of homemade bread throughout the vessel that we use for lunches, finish the day off with the captain’s famous “Drink of the Day”, and, depending on what type of charter you chose, sit down to one of our home cooked meals that has been so well received I was forced by past guests to write a cookbook.

Check out just a few of the guests comments that have been left mentioning our food and drinks!

You truly made this trip a one of a kind. Your cooking is fantastic and your homemade bread is by far my favorite.


Your bread was perfect! And dinner was divine.


Your meals were delicious and amazingly intricate given the galley constraints.

Dave & Juliette

…Equally as wonderful was Shane’s general hospitality, excellent cooking and bartending.

Lisa, David, & Nate

…and of course, the drink of the day made for a truly unforgettable vacation.


My past guests have enjoyed my drinks, dinners, and desserts so much they were begging me to write a cookbook. Therefore I am excited to announce the publication of “Cooking on the Guiding Light”, filled with over 65 of my most popular recipes. Each section is introduced with one of 17 or so stories I have written about my life aboard my previous vessel, Guiding Light. You can purchase “Cooking on the Guiding Light” as an e-book, paperback or hardback from Amazon.

There are three different chartering options for your time aboard Soggy Doggy.

1) Captain plus option – this option provides provisioning the boat ahead of time saving you 3-4 hours, fresh fruit bowls each morning, baking Shane’s famous homemade bread for lunch sandwiches, homemade pickles, the captains famous evening “drink of the day”, and cooking 3 dinners.

2) Half board option – this option provides an all inclusive charter including 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners, and alcohol, plus the fruit bowl, homemade bread, homemade pickles, and “drink of the day” from above.

3) All inclusive option – this option provides all meals and alcohol including the fruit bowl, homemade bread, homemade pickles, and “drink of the day”.

Sample Menu Items

Avocado and egg toast
Mexican muffins w/ pico de gallo
Banana pancake w/ raspberry sauce

Tuna ceviche with mango
Quesadillas w/ homemade guac
Chicken stuffed avocados

Coconut lime chicken soup
Caribbean lettuce wraps
Pesto salad

Main course
Seared tuna w/ carrot & ginger topping
Caribbean meatballs
Mango pasta w/ sweet chili shrimp

White chocolate & cranberry tart
Key lime mousse
Mojito cake


Chicken Bombs

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Here is the latest creation.  It is sautéed jalapenos mixed with cream cheese and colby cheese, rolled inside a butterflies chicken breast, wrapped in bacon, and covered in BBQ sauce…

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