What is the best food to have on a boat?

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Peanut Butter is the best

That is easy…..peanut butter! How could it not be? It has protein, is cheap, and easy to eat. All you have to do is spread it on bread or an apple and you have a meal.  Yummy! And in my opinion the only proper way to eat peanut butter is when it is creamy. No chunks for this captain.

Back when I was cruising the Gulf Coast of the US, I had a British guy aboard. It was lunch time so I was going to make a PB&J. I asked if he wanted one also. His response was “peanut butter. That is SO American”. I was surprised by this response because I figured everyone loved it, but he had never tried it. I said do you want to try it and his response was “well I do like peanuts and I like butter, so why not?” I was like first off you have to understand there is no actual butter in peanut butter. Haha. Afterwards he said it was ok, but not his favorite.

Another time I was at a grocery store and they had a sale of peanut butter jars for only a dollar….A DOLLAR!!!!! Look at that I get peanut butter and get to save money at the same time. SWEET! I grabbed 10 jars knowing that it would all get eaten. I was so happy. ???? Once I got back to the boat I was putting it away and that is when I noticed one critical piece of information on the jar…..CRUNCHY. Crap, and I have 10 jars I have to get through. AARRRGGGG. ????

Let me close this blog by sharing a delicious desert using this fabulous food.


  • 1 Package cookie dough
  • 1 Package cream cheese
  • .75 Cups peanut butter
  • .25 Cup sugar

-Spread cookie dough in greased 9×9 pan, cook as directed, and cool.
-When cream cheese is at room temperature mix with peanut butter and sugar.
-Spread mixture over cookie and put in fridge.

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