Triple Chip Cheesecake

By October 22, 2013 2 Comments

Triple Chip Cheesecake

This is a dessert I have wanted to try for a while now.

I started by mixing up a batch of cream cheese filling and divided it into three bowls.  I then melted butterscotch chips and blended it into the first bowl.  Next I spread this over a graham cracker crust.  The second bowl of cream cheese mix I added melted semi sweet chocolate and layered it over the butterscotch.  Last I layered white chocolate cream cheese mix and baked the whole thing.

So far the reviews have been spot on with what I expected when I saw this recipe.  I.E. we have a winner!


  • Shane says:


    I would come to Minnesota, but I got chased out of Missouri from the cold last week and I am sure it is worst up there. It is time for me to head south to the boat.

    If you see something you would like me to make for you then please remember and put it on the preference sheet.

    See you soon.


  • Kelly Lindblom says:


    I can’t decide what I am looking forward to the most- being on the boat, having such an awesome tour guide or the food. Again, you don’t fight fair! If you want you can come and practice some recipes in Minnesota. 🙂


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