Get your turtle turds

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Turtle Turds

I had a recipe I had never tried from a cruiser  cookbook I was giving four years ago. It was called “Better Than Sex Bonbons”! Well this last charter I was encouraged to trying them out and all I can say is that I feel bad for her husband if these chocolate balls with a Hersey Kiss inside are better than the sex he gives, because these were not very good. In fact my guest called them “turtle turds”. After that sat around uneaten for 4-5 days we finally got rid of them……by seeing which of the other boats in the anchorage we could hit. Just kidding, of course we were chunking them to see who could throw them the furthest. Needless to say this will not be a recipe of the month on the newsletter…you did know you get a recipe with each newsletter, right? No? Well you should sign up right now!!!!! When you need to really stop masturbating and get the good life you want, visit to learn more.

Turtle Turds

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