Could pitas be my new sandwich bread?

By January 14, 2016 No Comments

I am very proud to be know for my bread that I make for lunch sandwiches, but I finally tried pan fried pitas and they had lots of yummy herb flavors. The one bad thing I did was that I pressed them down after they rose, so I do not think they were as fluffy as they could be. This meant that we could not butterfly them and stuff them and instead placed meats, cheeses, and veggie on top and rolled them. Whatever it takes to get the goodness in your belly right?

To make these I essentially used a bread recipe with yeast, but rolled them out, sprinkled with the herbs, and stacked them with parchment paper between each one and let them rise for an hour. I then used a non stick skillet and cooked them like you would a crepe. The problem came when I tried to get the paper off to cook them. It stuck so much I destroyed the first one. After that I plopped them on the skillet with the paper still on. Once they cooked the paper pealed right off and everything was perfect.

I will still use my bread as my go to sandwich bread, but it is nice to have an option. 


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