Life does not get better than enjoying Blue Bell with my nephew Found it!!!! Do you love my shirt?My favorite flavor

For the 18 years I lived in Colorado there is one Texas delicacy that was not available (just my luck  they started shipping it since I left)!  Even though Colorado has their own delicacies like Rocky Mountain oysters (if you are ever in the state you should give them a try ;)) it can not beat my Texas treat of Blue Bell ice cream!!!!!

Two years ago I even got to visit the creamery where all the magic happens.  If you like you can go back to the 9/4/11 blog and read about it.

This manna from heaven, placed in paper board containers, has only been sold in Texas and southern states, yet it has been the 3rd highest selling brand in the country.  In fact Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla is the #1 selling flavor in the entire country, but I digress.

So even though I could not get it where I lived for 18 years within the continental USA, guess what I found sold in one particular grocery store here in the British Virgin Islands.  That is right Blue Bell ice cream.

For my fellow Texans, or anyone that wants the best ice cream ever, when you go to Soper’s Hole on the West end of Tortola you can have a scoop of heaven.  After you clear customs in the blue building on the left side of the harbor, head across the bay to the grocery store next to Pusser’s Rum.  Once there head straight back from the door and you will find the most magical freezer in the Caribbean.  In fact I am almost certain there is a spot light above it highlighting it for everyone :).


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