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It’s a small world!!!!

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Life is better with a beach fire Looks like a $50 fish (he won the bet) In the cave, where is the light What a view coming into the cave[Shane – Would you believe I grew up in the same church with one of the guest this week and graduated from the University of Colorado with two others?  Just one more example of how small this world can be!  Here is their write up of the week.]

We began with high expectations, as we are good friends and travel a lot together, and Captain Shane delivered an amazing itinerary. We began with Willy T’s at Norman Island, where we basked the night away with a lot of drunks!!! We awoke to go snorkeling in the caves (truly a must see).  Great experienced for all! We got to see all the “must see” items on the islands like the Baths on Virgin Gorda,  Soggy Dollar, Foxy’s Bar, lobsters on Anegada  at The Big Bamboo and the wreck of HMS Rhone – which sank in 1867 with 300 aboard.  But Shane took us off the beaten path to do things like snorkel “the chimney” and other amazing places! He also helped to facilitate a beach fire for our group to hang out on the beach one night. We went to Guana Island where you snorkel with a million minnows, took a nature hike at Reef Bay Sugar Mill to see the Petraglyphs. Our group had a great mix of long sailing times and enough time off the boat to explore and really get a good feel for the Islands. We ended our week with an amazing time swimming with the turtles on Buck Island.

Captain Shane has been very helpful (he even went to shore to get medicine for one of our group!) and he is very knowledgeable about the Virgin Islands. It was a great trip.

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