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Top 10 Reasons to sail with Shane on the Guiding Light

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By: Paul, Susie, Braydon, Alex, Greg, and Blake who chartered for Alex’s college graduation (go Sun Devils!!!!)

10. Unique experience of being on a boat

There is no place to experience the islands in the way one can on a boat. The perspective you intake of the beauty, serenity, and lushness of the landscape can only be viewed from the water. In addition to this perspective, you are in a position to see different locations daily. We have enjoyed the vast differences in each island. Some lush like a forest, some covered in enormous boulders, and others with white sand and palm trees. We enjoyed multiple island locations, hikes, snorkeling, swimming, and beaching it!

9.  Flexibility

The only way to have an exceptional vacation is to have a captain who is open and flexible to any and all ideas, spontaneous changes in adventures, and can navigate the trip to meet all our dreams. Captain Shane was wonderfully flexible on our trip. He had a fantastic outline of ideas for us and also modified our trip to meet our needs.

8.  Shane’s homemade bread and creative dinners

One of Shane’s finest attributes is his homemade bread…just kidding, but really. When you come sailing with Shane you can count on homemade bread each and every day. Another reason we chose Shane as our captain is because he includes cooked dinners in your captain-only price, unlike a lot of other charters. Whether you want to eat 1 dinner on board or 5, Shane is an awesome cook!

7.  Enthusiasm for sharing island history and activities

Most days included some sort of hike, kayak, or snorkel. Shane was always quick with a history lesson or story to enrich the experience. Every day was a new adventure and even better than the day before, which in most cases would hardly seem possible.

6. Snorkeling

We told Shane we wanted to focus on snorkeling and that’s exactly what we got. Whether he was in the water with us guiding the way or just giving us the full low down before we jumped in, we felt like Shane maximized our snorkeling. He showed us a one of a kind snorkeling experience through multiple destinations. We saw everything from dancing corals to sword fish, sea turtles, ship wrecks, barracuda, sting-ray, millions of minnows (literally), diving pelicans, and so much more.  We snorkeled, snorkeled, and snorkeled some more.

5. Attention to detail on trip itinerary and provisions

This was our first family trip for both sailing and coming to the USVI and BVI. I didn’t really know what to expect, I knew that we had a boat, plane tickets and I sent in a grocery list but that was about it. Shane had reached out prior to arrival to set up a meeting place and time. When we arrived I was put at ease knowing that Shane had the whole trip planned. Whether it was what we were doing in 15 minutes or what we were doing in 3 days, Shane had an answer.

4. Island restaurant and bar hoping

Soggy Dollar, Corsair’s, Foxy’s, Marina Cay Pusser’s Rum Restaurant, Pirate’s Bight, and Willy T.  Need we say more?

3. Shane delivers to random and quirky requests

Whether it was wanting to be dinghy up to a “swim up only” beach, or wanting to kayak at 7am, Shane was there to make our trip better in every which way he could.

2. Shane’s humorous jokes

Nothing like a unique sense of humor to brighten a trip. Shane’s fun, humorous and down-to-earth personality was a great asset to the trip.

And the #1 reason to sail with Shane on the Guiding Light is….drum roll pleeeaase….

1. The Day starts the second you open your eyes

Waking up on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean is something you can only understand by doing it. Walking up the stairs and jumping into the crystal clear blue water is the best way to kick start your day. Each and every day was so incredible and action packed. Piping hot coffee awaiting us as we finish our morning kayak, paddle board, or swim! Sun shining on our faces as we bask in the glorious morning light. Our eyes inhale the surrounding beauty of each unique island. Every day we were able to feast our eyes upon a different location, a new vision, a place of pure beauty. To begin each day in this manner is an experience one can only have while sailing on Shane’s Guiding Light!

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