I was recently asked how I came up with my “Da Lime In Da Coconut” recipe

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Well that is a funny story. It all came about at the beginning of my second-year chartering. I was doing the famous “Captain’s Drink of the Day”, but needed more drink recipes. I heard of a drink called Da Lime In Da Coconut, but did not know how to make it. I asked a fellow captain and he simply told me “throw a couple limes in the blender with rum and Coco Lopez (the best brand of crème of coconut)”. As you might expect, I was dubious to these instructions and wanted to try it out before serving it on a charter.

That is why I asked my good friend Steve to come over (he was anchored next to me in Charlotte Amalie) to try and figure it out. He was game (of course he was, since it was free booze) and we did exactly as instructed. We filled the blender with ice, added a good helping of coconut rum, a quarter cup of Coco Lopez, and two whole limes….bloomp, bloomp in they went. What we got was bitter and clumpy because of the rinds. Of course, that did not stop us, we simply pulled out the spaghetti colander, strained the pulp and rind out, and drank it up (hey you cannot waste good rum, right?).

Now we are feeling good, because we figured we were on the right path. This time we would peel the limes and toss them in that way. We also figured out two cups of coconut rum with the quarter cup of Coco Lopez was the correct measurement, so we did not overfill the blender pitcher. Away we went for our second experiment (pitcher). This time it tasted good. It was crisp and refreshing….but the clumps of pulp took away from the experience. Out came the colander again and after straining the pitcher we enjoyed 2-3 more cups each.

When we finished the second pitcher we knew we were on to something, but we had to tweak it a little more. For this pitcher we did everything the same except I juiced the two limes instead. Ahh, sweet success! This pitcher went down nice and smooth and we were feeling good….really good…..I mean REALLY, REALLY good. This probably had more to do with the fact that within an hours’ time we shared three pitchers and had about a bottle and a half of coconut rum in us. Needless to say, he stumbled home and I went to bed.

The next evening, I called him over and said I want to make a pitcher just like we did the last time to make sure it was as good as we remembered and not just the rum in our blood. He of course said it was a good idea (free rum, remember) and in the name of customer service (to make sure it was perfect for guest) we made another pitcher in the blender.

It was as good as remembered and is a refreshing drink on a hot afternoon. Try it yourself and enjoy!

Da Lime In Da Coconut
Blender ¾ full of ice
2 Cups coconut rum
¼ Cup Coco Lopez
2 Limes (juiced)

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