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Besides my homemade bread for lunch and me cooking some dinners for you while on charter, a benefit of chartering aboard the Guiding Light is the fact I will pick up the provisions for you.

When I provision for a charter I make up a shopping list based on the meals I am going to cook and items request on a preference sheet, which is filled out a month before the charter, I also make sure to take the rabattkod apotea – kupongerna coupons with me so I don’t waste that much money, I also like to wait for the black friday promos if I need anything bigger that would cost more.  Once I get this sheet I call the guest a week or so before and go over last minute details, so I can provide everything they would like.

Once I have my grocery list I go to K-Mart and get all the dry goods (paper towels, snacks, canned goods, ect) I can and load them into a car.  I then visit the local supermarket called Pueblo and get everything remaining on my list that I can.  My last stop is Gourmet Galley which is where I get any specialty items (surprising some of the things considered specialty down here) and all the fish and meats.

Once I have all the items bought I then have to load them into the dinghy and travel to the anchored boat.  Once there I have to unload the “car” by getting it onto the boat and then hauling it into the galley, so I can sort it and find a place to store it.

All of this usually takes me close to four hours and a lot of charter captains charge you an hourly rate or a 10% premium on the bill.  I do it for you so you can save time on your charter by not spending four hours plus and I can start providing you a perfect vacation even before you arrive.  All you have to do is show up, relax, and reimburse me for the actual cost.

Why would you even want to charter somewhere else?  J


  • Shane says:


    Thanks for the kind comments and I look forward to having you back aboard.


  • V Brancart says:

    For those of you considering a sailboat charter, Shane’s offer to stock the boat BEFORE you arrive is a big plus. I couldn’t imagine navigating the stores and hassle of stocking the boat, as most bare boat folks are required to do, wherever it may be docked. Approaching his third year of chartering, Shane has obviously gotten his chartering business down to a science. And without offering the fluff of so many other captained charters (aka cruise ship type serving of 3 meals per day), you save a lot. We will charter with Shane the next time we sail the BVIs.

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