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Every now and then I get people aboard that really enjoy fishing.  In fact I have had two different guest this year bring a duffle bag of lures and supplies to supplement the two trolling rods and assortment of lures I have aboard.

The two rods I have are loaded with 50 lbs and 25 lbs mono-filament line with a swivel hook to attach the lures.  One of my guest was asking everyone what lures to use and we got all kinds of answers to live bait (which I don’t want aboard because it STINKS), plugs, squids, spoons, and more.  BUT the one thing they all seem to say was that it needs to be red.

With this information I stopped by the tackle store after the charter and picked up 5 new and different types of lures with red in them.  While I was there I found a great book to put them in for only $25.

I was very excited with this new gear, because my next charter had a 12 year old boy that the dad said really loved to fish.  Well I was excited when I met him so we could throw out my new lures and he would have fun, but his answer was a very polite yet very deflating “no thank you”.

Oh well.  I tried and now I have this unused gear just waiting for a charter that wants to fish.  Is that you?  🙂

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