Another one bites the dust!!!!

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My Christmas guest were a lot of fun, because they let me experiment on them with new recipes. There were some great ones like last weeks spinach soup and some that provided entertaining stories like the turtle turds. Well today’s blog is about a carrot and parsnip salad recipe written by a celebrated charter chef who has written several cookbooks and has a monthly column in All At Sea magazine. I have decided that I am not her biggest fan since rarely have I tried one of her recipes and kept it as she wrote it. Most I throw away and a few I salvage by drastically changing (my highly regarded seared tuna with a carrot & ginger salad on top started as a tuna burger).

Well lets get to the point on this particular recipe….I am throwing it out! It had sauted carrots and parsnip with chickpeas and feta. The combo sounded interesting, but the flavors did not pop.

Next week I will write  about a prosciutto wrapped fish that we all loved, so check back and make sure you sign up for the newsletter because this one could be the “recipe of the month” for February. 

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