Another example of why I test recipes

By December 15, 2015 2 Comments
Ajo blanco with crab

Every now and then I find a copy of Food & Wine or similar magazine and while flipping through the pages I will find a recipe that perks my interest. Well this one was called “anj blanco with crab and green grapes”, so I gave it a try and the results were…..YUCK!

It called for making almond milk, blending it with bread, and adding olive oil and sherry vinegar before straining it into bowls. Once the liquid is in the bowl you add lump crab and some grapes.

The problem with the dish is that it was disjointed and had two basic flavors, the crab and almond milk. You could taste the vinegar, but it did not enhance the dish.

I have found sometime a simple unimpressive sounding recipe makes amazing results. Well at the same time some that sound fantastic turn out to be unimpressive and quite frankly not even worth the effort to improve. This is one of the latter and will not make the Thanksgiving table today!

I hope each of you has a great holiday and enjoy whatever you prepare.

Ajo blanco with crab


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