The captain’s drink of the day

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Goomby Smash

Goomby Smash Lime & Coconut

If my guest want I make a drink of the day, which we all enjoy around 5:30. I choose this time because the day’s activities are winding down, we are usually anchored or moored for the night, and the sun is starting to approach the horizon. Therefore it give everyone a 10-15 minute break to reflect on the day and enjoy a moment together in bliss.

Half of my drinks are frozen and half are on the rocks, while two of them represent places I have been in my travels. The drinks are:

BBC (banana, Bailey’s, colada) – frozen
Mango mojito
Vanilla delight – frozen
Hurricane – this one is for my time in New Orleans
Da lime in da coconut – frozen
Bushwacker – frozen
Goombay smash – this one is for my time time in the Bahamas

The thing I love about this group of drinks is that each one is chosen as a favorite by different people. It just depends on your taste buds. My favorite is the bushwacker. Which is your favorite? If you have not had them all then you need to come out and give them all a try.

Check out this short video I put together celebrating the drink of the day. Fyi, it will also be the video of the week this coming saturday.

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