Food – sauteed pears over ravioli

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Pear topped ravioli

Last fall my cousin took me out to dinner and she order a pear infused ravioli, which was amazing. The next night I had a beautiful date coming over, so I tried to reproduce the restaurants dish. It turned out great (the dish and the date 🙂 ), but I forgot to take a photo of it.

Well I made it for some guest last week and this time I got the shot for you.

I sauteed almond slivers until browned and put them to the side. I then cooked a stick and a half of butter (gotta be good right) until it starts to brown. At this point I added the almonds, chopped pear, and basil and continued to saute for a bit. I spooned this over cooked ravioli and drizzled balsamic vinegar before serving.

Pear topped ravioli

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