Traveling to Grenada amidst Covid – YouTube Live

By November 25, 2020 No Comments

I hope you join me in a few hours (Wednesday 11am EST) for a new YouTube live video where I am going to explain the entire process of what I had to do to get back to the boat in Grenada during this covid pandemic.

This including:

Having to take a covid test and not having the results until an hour after my flight took off

Having to get another flight two days later

Having to spend five days in quarantine until I got the test results back of another covid test the Grenada government makes everyone take

Then still not able to get into the boat yard until I was on island for 10 full days.

I’m also going to talk about the hike I did to Concord Waterfall and tours of some rum factories that I took.

Below you’ll find the link to the YouTube Live video. If you click on the link it will remind you when the YouTube live video starts. I hope to see you there.

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