Chocolate comes from cocoa pods….yummy!

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On Friday I told you about a hike I did up to the Concord Waterfall in Grenada once I got out of quarantine and on Sunday I told you about the nutmeg that I saw.

Well another tree I saw was a cocoa tree that I find fascinating. I only find these in the southern Caribbean islands. These huge pods have seeds inside that are surrounded by a white slimy gel coating, which you can suck on and they’re quite good. But what cocoa plants are really known for is once those seeds are fermented, roasted, crushed, and the powder is pressed with some sugar added you have……chocolate. YEAH!!!!!!!!

Grenada, like many of the other islands in the southern Caribbean, has a couple of chocolate factories that are fascinating to visit and see how the whole process works.

Don’t forget about my YouTube live video on Wednesday at 11am EST where I will discuss what all I had to do to fly back into Grenada and get my boat in the water for the new sailing season. You can click on the link below and set up a reminder. See you then!

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