Nutmeg is the reason Grenada is the Spice Island

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During my hike up to the Concord Waterfall in Grenada, that I told you about on Friday, I was lucky enough to come across a couple nutmeg trees. This amazing spice was transported here from Indonesia back in the 1800s and now Grenada is the second largest producer in the world. Thus the reason the island is called the Spice Island and it is featured on the national flag.

What’s really cool about nutmeg is the way it grows. It starts as a fruit and once it’s ripe it splits open and reveals the nutmeg with a red lacework (this is called mace) around it. The locals call it “a lovely lady – in a boat – wearing a red petticoat”.

To process the nutmeg they pick them once they’re ripe and separate the fruit part from the spice part. Next the mace is taken off and both the nut itself and the mace is dried. The nutmeg that you use is actually inside the hard shell, which can keep it fresh for up to 10 years. Let me tell you how amazingly flavorful it is when it’s freshly grated. The fruit is does not go to waste either since it is used for multiple products including nutmeg jam and ice cream.

Would you believe me if I told you nutmeg and mace were two of the three most expensive spices in the 1400s through the 1700s?

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