Hiking Concord Waterfall after getting quarantine freedom

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Getting back to the boat this year has been more difficult than usual, as you would expect with Covid out there. I’ll detail my experience next week with a YouTube live video (link below), but some of the highlights will be having my covid test arrive an hour after I was suppose to fly down to Grenada and being in quarantine for five days.

On day four I was given another covid test and next evening was released from quarantine. In order to celebrate I got up the next morning and jumped on a bus and went up to Concord waterfall for a hike (click here to see my Grenada Bus Map). From where the bus let me off in Concord village it was a two mile walk uphill along a paved road. Along the way, I saw the river and got to see lots of fruit trees including bananas, cocoa, and nutmeg plus goats, chickens, and the like (the next couple blogs will be about nutmeg and cocoa).

Once I got to the top of the hill I found a convenience store/restaurant and proceeded to have some local food for lunch as I overlooked the amazingly beautiful waterfall. This waterfall is pretty cool, because it’s pretty powerful with a lot of water rushing down the 30 to 40 foot drop. Plus, on the opposite side there is a smaller, less powerful waterfall and they meet in a very inviting pool. While you’re taking in this great view you might actually miss the next waterfall where the water goes over the rocks and down 15 or so feet into the river.

All in all it was a great way to celebrate getting out of quarantine and getting some exercise at the same time. I’ll talk more about it in the YouTube live video, along with what all it took for me to get to the boat, that’s going to be this coming Wednesday at 11am EST. I really hope you join in on the live video, since I will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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