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Look at me. I’m a mountain man now!

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I always spend the end of Hurricane Season in Colorado visiting friends and family in the Denver area and this year is no exception; it is always fun to catch up and see what is happening in the area. Before visiting, it can be useful to check out local guides, news, and tourist information, such as this news about Lonetree, Colorado. The benefit I have had this off-season is that with all the countries closed I had no choice but to spend more time in different parts of the US with friends and family. It has been a blessing for me.

One of my friends that I visited when I got to Colorado was Leala, whom you may remember when she visited the boat and wrote blogs a few times 5-6 years ago. She is still living on a boat, but right now her and her boyfriend are State side also and were in Colorado at the same time. Turns out they are fixing up several hunting cabins and land for his uncle.

Great little bridge he built over a brook

I met Leala in Georgetown, which is 30 minutes down the mountain from the cabins, for lunch one day and she convinced me to come up and check out the property. Boy am I glad I took them up on the offer. They gave me my own cabin and we took the 4 wheelers on a tour of the property. It was so beautiful standing on the cabin deck looking over the mountain lake and the morning was so peaceful in the chilly air.

Check out the beer trough he made for each cabin using the freezing stream water

The cabins were quite rustic and even had propane powered lights, which I found very cool. About the only thing I had issues with was the altitude since we were right at the tree line at 10,000 feet up. The air is a bit thin up there. Haha.

What a great weekend. I can see the appeal of a secluded cabin in the mountains and think I would enjoy a week or two up there.

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