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The Mangrove Swamp in Tyrrel Bay was out last stop on Crriacou

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In the mangroves at Tyrrel Bay

On Sunday I told you all about Sandy Island. Well, we loved it so much that we spent several hours ashore and ended up spending the night moored off the island. We got up the next morning and needing to sail 30 miles to St George, Grenada, but we did not want to leave without seeing the Mangrove Swamp around the corner.

Mangrove bayWe motored around the northwestern corner of the island into Tyrrel Bay and anchored with the sole purpose of dinghying over to and through the Mangrove Swamp. As we were motoring in a local boat boy was offering us a mooring ball but wanted $20 US even though we told him we only needed it for an hour or so. He insisted on his price, so we just anchored, and he lost out. Hey buddy, you snooze you lose!

MangrovesGoing through the Mangrove Swamp was quite cool and very peaceful, since no one was in there at 8am. I have been in many mangroves around the Caribbean (the south side of St John, USVI are some of the best), but Steve had not. We trolled around with the dinghy and I gave him some of the information I had and it was nice to see his delight being in a new environment. Once we got to the very end we turned the motor off and drifted under the canopy to get back as far as we could. It was so quite you would think we were the last people left on Earth.

The Mangrove Swamp is a protected marine park and only dinghies are allowed inside. This helps add to the quietness and making it a special place to visit. We both agree it was well worth the effort and are glad we saw it before setting sail for Grenada, which is what I will be writing about next. ????

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