Saturday morning is the day to visit the Central Market in Grenada

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About a block or two up the street from the cruise ship dock in St George’s, Grenada you will find the square block area known as the Central Market. This is where locals set up booths and sell vegetables, spices, souvenirs, and other goods. Some of them are outside with a shabby booth under an umbrella while others are quite nice and in an open air building.

Given the proximity to the cruise ship dock, you would think this is strictly a tourist place selling cheap junk and shirts like so many other islands. For this you would be drastically wrong. While there are some stall owners that carry souvenirs and cater to the tourist others are selling veggies, fruit, and spices to the local population also. Plus even those catering to the tourist are selling handmade merchandise from local spice sample packs to carved calabash gourdes.

The Central Market is a cool place to see any day you are on the island and in the capital, but on Saturday morning the market is filled to the bursting point as farmers from the interior of the island come into town to sell their produce. It is quite a sight to see as everyone from tourist to locals are elbow to elbow jocking in to see what each seller has to offer.

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