Grenada has one of the best bus systems in the Caribbean

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If you are visiting Grenada you can always get around the island by renting a car or hiring a taxi, but why do that when the buses are so easy to use? All you have to do is look for a mini van with a large sticker on the passenger side showing the zone number it runs and raising your hand. When it stops there will be a conductor (although some of the more distant routes do not always have one) that will open the door, speak unintelligibly, and point to where he wants you to sit.

Still not sure which vehicles are buses verse taxis? Don’t worry that same conductor will be leaning out the window asking every one if they need a ride all the while the driver will be tapping his horn to get customers. This is because each bus is a private business and they of course want to make money. This will also explain why the seats are so close together (not the best for long legs), they are speed demons, and more passengers than you think will be squeezed in (btw, do you know how many people a bus in the Caribbean can hold? TWO MORE! Haha).

Grenada Bus RoutesThe buses are licensed to be able to run in one of nine different zones, but they all start from the bus depot in St George’s except for Zone 9, which runs from Grenville (on the east coast) to Sauteurs (at the north end). So to get from one part of the island to a different part you will usually rid the bus into town and then get on another to where you want to go. Even though they all start at the bus depot, that does not mean you have to get on or off there. In fact, anywhere outside of St George’s you can board or hop off anywhere along the route (in town they have set bus stops, but they have stopped at non bus stops also). When you are ready to get off just tap on the window or roof and the driver will stop and you pay as you get off (between 2.50-8 EC or $1-3). If you are not sure where your stop is then do not hesitate to ask the conductor or a local and they will cheerfully let you know where your stop is.

When I first got down here I was looking to see a map of where the buses run so I could figure out how to get around the island. I looked and looked, but the problem is that I could not find one. All I found was a list of the zones and villages each route ran to (like the one I attached above). SO, I made a map to help everyone out, including myself, by using a road map and the list of villages on the route list. I will be the first to admit I could have some slight errors on the road the buses use, but it should give you a basic idea of where each bus runs. I hope this is helpful to each of you!



  • Viv Wootten says:

    I am going to Sandals @ Pink Gin beach. Does the bus go down that far?

  • Susan says:

    Hi Shane. Love this page. Thank you! Your description of the buses is so accurate 🤣.

  • Dawn Urquhart says:

    Hi Shane, thanks for your transit info on Grenada. Not sure if you can help me. I am thinking of staying in Lance
    aux Epines. The AirBnb host says there is public transit in the area, however, a Grenada expert on TripAdvisor says there is not. Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated. I need transit, I do not want to rent a car.
    Thanks, Dawn, Canada

  • Peter says:

    Thanks so much for the customized map Shane. Your map gives us the confidence to head out and tour Grenada using public transportation.

  • Shane says:


    I am glad you find the bus map useful. It helped me out a lot when I was there. Please share it with anyone that will also find it helpful.


  • Seth says:

    Super helpful thank you!

  • Shane says:


    I am glad you like it. I found it very helpful to have a visual map as a guide around the island.


  • Melissa says:

    This is so helpful. Thank you! I am looking forward to exploring the island once we are out of quarantine.

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