The Grenada National Museum is one of the better museums in the islands

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Grenada National Museum exterior

Grenada National Museum 1As we were walking back from Fort George, which I wrote about last Thursday, we found the¬†Grenada National Museum. The museum¬†is housed in a 1704 historic building that started off as French barracks that later served as a prison. The building was also used as the island’s first hotel.

Grenada National Museum 2The museum gives lots of good information and has great artifacts. The displays are broken up into rooms for Carib and Arawak artifacts, sugar processing equipment, whaling industry items, and other categories.

Grenada National Museum 3As I was looking at the sugar processing equipment I saw something fly across the room. After some investigation I realized there were half a dozen bats hiding behind a huge copper pot. Every now and then they would fly across the room and up the old chimney. Call me crazy but this just added to the adventure in this great little museum.

All and all, I would say 30 minutes to an hour is plenty of time in the Grenada National Museum. After this we checked out the Chocolate Museum down the street, but I am going to save that story for Thursday. Make sure you come back!!!!!!

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