List of Grenada anchorages

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Now that I have spent some time in the amazing country of Grenada I want to share a list of anchorages found around the island in order to encourage more people to visit. I am telling you this island is really growing on me with all the shore side sights, super friendly people, and great boating community. While I am not an expert in Grenada yet, I offer you my impression of the available anchorages.


The bad part of the west coast of Grenada is that you have to sail 2/3 of the way down the island before you find any shelter, but with that said here are your options:

Halifax Harbor – quiet bay that has some protection from the swell coming down the island. There is not much around, but if you get to shore you are near Concord Falls

Happy Hill & Dragon Bay – small bays that are quiet but also afford good access to the Underwater Sculpture Garden. Supposedly anchoring is not allowed since you are in a National Park, but the mooring are missing at the same time.

Grand Mal Bay – busier commercial bay on the other side of the Sculpture Garden and only two miles from the capital

St George’s – in the harbor are a couple marinas, but the anchorage is outside and is a road stead. It can get rolly if the swell is coming down the island, but it offers excellent access to the capital and all its resources


This is where most of the cruisers hang out and almost all the daily and weekly activities happen on this side of the island. Sometimes it can feel like summer camp with the number of activities available. 🙂

True Blue – small bay that has a marina, moorings, and anchorage, but can be a bit rolly if the wind is south of east

Prickly Bay – nice bay with a couple marinas, fuel, restaurants, and Budget Marine, but it can get rolly if the wind is south of east

Mt. Hartman Bay – nice protected bay that has access ashore via a marina, but not much else is there

Hog Island – tucked behind an island this anchorage is fully protected and has a nice little beach that is popular. This is my favorite anchorage based on accessibility since you can get to shore and services in either Mt Hartman Bay or Clarks Court Bay. The bad part is that it is always crowded

Clarks Court Bay – long bay with lots of room, access, and services, but traffic can be a bit high

Phare Bleu Bay – has a nice marina, but if I was going to anchor I would do so on the other side of the reef separating this bay with Clarks Court Bay, which is a very nice anchorage

Port Egmont, Calivigny Harbor (Chemin Bay), Westerhall Bay – all three bays are similar in that they are super protected, mangrove lined, rarely have other boats in them, and remote. Great places to go to get away for a bit

Petit Bacaye & Little Bacolet West – I have not check these out yet, but I am told they are small, beautiful bays that can’t handle more than 4 boats

St David – the only reason to go here is if you are hauling out at Grenada Marine since it is nowhere near the main road and rolls easily


Grenville – this is the 2nd largest town on the island and a very local bay. Very few cruisers visit here by boat

I hope this list helps when you sail to Grenada. 🙂

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