Clabony Sulphur Springs is a cool, unknown spot on Grenada

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The Clabony Sulphur Springs is a pair of pools built around the output of a natural spring. The water is only warm, but it feels good and even though it is sulphur water it does not have the rotten egg smell.

Two years ago I was told about this place and I tried to go there when I did an island tour with some guests, but we ended up at a different, more known sulphur spring that looked like holes dug into the ground with stagnate water in it. We nicknamed it the Goat Farm, because there were goats everywhere.

This highlights the problem with trying to get to Clabony Sulphur Springs, no one knows about it……even a lot of the locals. To get to it I took a bus to Grenville and ask how to go. Several people said oh take this bus and you will see it. Of course they were sending me to the Goat Farm. Finally a guy said no that is not the one he wants. It is up in the hills and I can take you for 80 EC ($30 US). Since I had no other way to get there I agreed. Once there he ended up soaking in the two pools with me for an hour or so. The first pool is easy to find, but the second one is a little hidden. Just go 100 feet down stream and there it is. As I said earlier, the water is warm and it is nice to just sit and soak for a while. I thought it was really cool that you could see the water flowing into the pool from the rocks. I am very glad I went since it such an unknown place and quite peaceful and relaxing.

You can see where the water comes out of the mountain

Now that I have been there I can tell you how to go if you want to do it on your own. Take the 9 bus out of Grenville headed to Sauter. Make sure it is one of the ones passing Clabony and get off at the town where you see a sign for the sulphur spring. The problem here is that it is a long two mile walk back to it along the dirt trail. On second though it might be worth just paying someone from Grenville. 🙂

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