Mt Carmel waterfall is another beautiful waterfall on Grenada

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Taking the number 2 bus to or from Grenville will allow you to stop at the Mt Carmel Waterfall that is just outside the village of Mt Carmel. This is a beautiful waterfall that does not require much hiking. Simply get off the bus at the bus stop and go 50 feet down the side street. Here you will pay a 5 EC entrance fee and walk behind a house. The trail leads down to the waterfall and you will arrive in five minutes or so. There will be young guys offering guided service, but it is not needed because there is no way to get lost. Haha

As you approach you will come to the river first and head upstream. The part I loved the most is that you can see the waterfall from a long distance away and it reveals itself through the trees making it a dramatic approach. The water fall is fairly tall and at an angle making it different than most. There is a small pool at the base of the Mt Carmel waterfall, but not really big enough to make it worth swimming in like I did at the Seven Sisters waterfall.

Most people simply come to the waterfall, look at it, and then leave, but you know me better than that. πŸ™‚ So with my Indiana Jones hat in place I headed across the stream and up a trail. When I say up I mean UP. If there is any rain there is no way you could make it up the hill/cliff. Once I got to the top of the waterfall I found it to be flat and spread out. There was not really a stream for the first 100 feet from the waterfall and it was impressive so much water could flow over the waterfall when it was only a couple inches deep above it. Farther back though it turns into a regular stream and there is a tiny waterfall plus some tree vines you can use to swing across the water. All and all a great place to visit and going to the top is worth it……if you can make it. πŸ™‚

Some carvings in the rocks

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