Lets get our hash on

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The route can be intense. We had to use this fence to pull us up this steep and slippery trail.

Every Saturday afternoon, since 1985, the Grenada Hash House Harriers (GHHH) set up a run/hike through different areas of Grenada. These hikes, that some people run when they can, are usually between 3 and 5 miles long and go along trails that you would never imaging existing. Sometimes it feels like you are on an obstacle course they way you go up and down the hills.

The organizer makes the trail with little piles of shredded paper, so you know where you are going, but they throw 2-4 curve balls and have the trail split and if you go down the wrong one you come to an X which means you need to turn around and try the other fork.

But the views make it more than worth it!!!!!

Once you finish the hash everyone hangs out listening to music and eating local bbq. And of course drinking beer. Many of the regulars go every week regardless of rain or sun and really get into it and if they find anyone wearing news shoes then that person has to drink a beer out of one of them.

I really enjoy attending the hashes because it gets me off the boat, I get great exercise, and I see parts of the island I would not have seen otherwise. You just have to watch it when they ask for all the first time hashers to gather afterwards. The good part is they give you a certificate stating you are now apart of the group. The bad part? Lets just say I hope you love beer and don’t mind showering in it. Haha

You know what? It is Saturday as I write this, so I think I am off to do another Hash. See you later.

My certificate for doing my first hash

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