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What a difference half a mile makes – Petite St Vincent vs. Petite Martinique

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Petit St Vincent

At the southern end of the Grenadines there are two tiny islands that are separated by half a mile physically and a world apart in spirit. Both islands are protected a barrier reef to the east helping protect the half mile passage between them and the two anchorages.

Petite St Vincent (know as PSV) is a half mile long island and is a resort island. In fact, some say this is the first boutique resort in the Caribbean and one of the most successful. Apparently, guests are pampered in their own secluded cottage. If they need anything they raise a flag up the flagpole outside each cottage and a cabana boy or girl comes to their beckon call. NICE! I say apparently because I would not know being only a lowly cruiser. ???? Seriously though they do like to have cruisers ashore and we are allowed to use one of the fantastic beaches and the bar/restaurant called Goaty’s Bar….what a name. haha

Petit Martinque

Looking at the town on Petit Martinque

South of Petite St Vincent is Petit Martinique and is so close you can easily use a dinghy to get from one to the other island. Where Petite St Vincent is an exclusive resort Petit Martinique is small local village. The island is a bit bigger and is essentially the top of a mountain sticking out of the water. It is round, coned shape, and most of the village is on the northwestern edge of the island. The village has the appearance of a cute little fishing village, but my sources tell me smuggling has ruled this island for centuries. There is story of a police officer that came over from Carriacou to arrest one of the smugglers many years ago. When his vessel anchored there appeared to be a funeral ashore and just then a local rowed out to the officier’s boat to help the officer ashore. The officer said he did not want to interrupt the funeral. The local said the island found out he was coming and had not started the funeral yet, because they like to have the body when they bury it. So, if he would hop in the local’s boat they will go to shore now, so the funeral can start with the deceased’s body in attendance. The officer had his vessel promptly set sail and that was the end of the arrest. Haha. I have a couple more stories that are more recent and told to me directly, which I will share in the next blog.

Petit St Vincent sandbar

Sandbar near Petit St Vincent

Oh! While describing the difference between Petite St Vincent and Petit Martinique did I mention that they are part of separate countries? That is right Petite St Vincent is part of St Vincent and the Grenadines while Petite Martinique is part of Grenada. With this said it seems that both counties accept that boats hop from one to the other without going through the official check in/out process, since the closest port of entry in each country is five miles downwind and getting back is a bit of slog.

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