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The other airport on Grenada

By September 1, 2019Caribbean, Grenada, Photos
Grenada - Pearls Airport POTD
Grenada - Pearls Airport 3
Inside the Cuban airliner featured as the cover photo

There are two airports on the tiny island nation of Grenada? Yes…..and no. Haha. There are two airports on the island, but Maurice Bishop International Airport is the only active one. It replaced the original, called Pearls Airport, in 1984. Located in the north east part of the island, Pearls Airport was built in 1943.

Grenada - Pearls Airport 2
The cremains of the Cuban airliner cockpit

The building of the much, much larger Maurice Bishop International Airport is one of the main reasons the US invaded Grenada on October 25, 1983. The US claimed the airport was built to be a Cuban military airport. When Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and his cabinet was assassinated it brought the issue to the forefront. During the invasion the 1st Battalion of the 75th Ranger Regiment captured the larger airport while the 8th Marine Regiment captured Pearls Airport meeting only light resistance.

Grenada - Pearls Airport - Bishop's Plane
What remains of Prime Minister Bishop’s plane

Now a days the mile long runway is used for drag racing and go karts. A visit to the old airport is one of Cutty’s stops on his day long tour of the island and is well worth the time. On the tarmac you will still find Prime Minister Bishop’s private plane and a Cuban airliner sitting in the same spot for the last 36 years just rusting away. Both are fascinating to climb into and on top of.

Let’s continue the tour I did with my Dad when he came down to the boat. Cutty, please continue. 🙂

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