It might not have been “To Kill a Mockingbird”, but…..

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Catching A Bird 2

One of the three ladies on my last charter was really looking forward to doing some fishing on the charter. I told her the best chance would be to troll some lines behind us while we sailed between Carriacou and Grenada. She loved the idea and as soon as possible, out went the lines.

She did get one hit on the 30 mile sail, but it slipped off the line before she could get it reeled into the boat. The real excitement came when our lures attracted the attention of a flock of brown boobies. They keep dive bombing where our lures were and we thought we sailed through a school of fish and were anticipating a strike at anytime. Well we got one, but from above instead of below the water.

Turns out one of the stupid birds flew into our line and twisted it around his wing. We had to reel him in carefully as he was sitting sideways and when we got him to the boat I picked him up. Luckily I put on some light gloves, because that stupid bird keep biting me as I folded his good wing in and held him, while the ladies unwrapped his wing.

I am happy to say that when he was detangled and I released him he flew away with no problems. The funny thing is we had two more flocks of birds dive our lures and we realized they were after the lures themselves and not a school of fish. A few of them even grabbed the lureā€¦.until it was jerked out of their beak, but luckily we did not catch anymore birds.

Catching A Bird 1

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