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Chatham Bay on the back side of Union Island is a true cruiser hangout

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Chatham Bay 1

Last year I did not make it around to Chatham Bay on the west coast of Union Island in the Grenadines, so when the ladies I had on my last charter said they were willing to check it out with me I jumped all over the offer.

Turns out Chatham Bay is a wonderfully quiet bay compared to Clifton Harbor on the other side of the island. As I sailed in I saw two boats that I knew and yelled hello as I headed to the head of the bay to anchor in 10 feet of water. Cruisers love this bay because the holding is good, the bay is protected, it is quiet, and when you want to go ashore for entertainment everyone meets at Sunset Cove Grill. If it sounds perfect that is because it is!!!

Chatham Bay 2

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