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A beach BBQ in the Tobago cays is a truly wonderful experience

By August 25, 2019 One Comment
In the Tobago Cays with Cameron

As you have read in the last several blogs, I was in the Tobago Cays with three ladies on my last charter of the season. Over on Mayreau (2-3 miles away) we met and befriended Cameron, a local 28 year old man. He offered to prepare a beach BBQ and the ladies thought that would be a delightful experience.

He stopped by to pick us up around 6pm from our anchorage behind the reef in his new wooden skiff and took us to the protected beach between the two small islands (we could have anchored here also). Ashore the locals have built a 30 foot long grill and each night they all take a part of it to prepare dinner for guest.

Cameron is a wonderful cook and the meal was absolutely delicious. We had red snapper, plantains, coleslaw, potatoes, and a few other yummy local dishes. Everything was expertly prepared and served, which is amazing given the outdoor setting and limited facilities. Afterwards we watched the baby lemon sharks, rays, and giant pufferfish cruise the beach with only inches of water depth. One of the ladies was scared the little sharks would nibble on her toes, so she keep going up and down the beach with the waves. Haha.

It was a truly magical night and if you ever are in the Tobago Cays (or Mayreau) and want to have a beach BBQ, I cannot recommend Cameron enough (, 784-498-6911 and 784-497-3381). He was professional and yet very friendly at the same time and I am proud to call him a friend after hanging out for a couple days and I look forward to seeing him again. In the mean time, when you see him, tell him Shane from the Guiding Light said hello and look for my sticker on his boat! 🙂

Tobago Cay beach BBQ

One Comment

  • Jane evans says:

    Hello Shane – i am going to the Grenadines in March and enjoyed reading your comments on Cameron and a beach barbecue. I see you wrote this a while back. You wouldnt know if he is still operating would you?
    Kind regards. Jane Evans

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