Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Singapore

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Almost every tourist who visits Singapore faces the dilemma of where to visit and where not to. Mainly, all tourist destinations in Singapore do offer a memorable time. However, there are those that are top-rated by both travel experts and previous tourists. Going through the list of such places will help you to make the right decisions as you plan to visit Singapore either alone, with family or with friends. The list is not in any specific order.

Singapore Flyer

Are you afraid of heights? If so, you could probably overcome the phobia by facing it when you try the Singapore Flyer. It is an amazing observation wheel that is one of a kind in the entire world. Actually, it is one of the largest, and it will give you an amazing view of the Singapore CBD and horizons beyond the island. During the holiday season, you will need to book your tickets early.

Gardens by the Bay

This is an amazing region suitable for the entire family. You get to enjoy man-made vertical gardens that are shaped like giant trees. If you visit the Gardens by the Bay park in the evening, you will be entertained by 18 giant tree gardens blinking with different lights. Most of the tourists who visit Singapore cannot miss it.

Marina Bay Sands

This is an affluent resort consisting of a casino hotel, restaurants and bars. Notably, there is also the SkyPark Observation Deck, where one can view the entire city. So, as you prepare your travel documents with Visa express experts, you need to know that this is a must-visit attraction.

Singapore Shopping Malls

Whether you want to visit Orchard Road, which is a shopping hub for tourists, or any other mall in the city, you will have an amazing experience. These shopping complex malls are filled with fashion shops, eating outlets, supermarkets as well as other attractions that will amuse you. The most exciting thing is that their architectural designs are thrilling, especially those that are made of glass domes like the Jewel at Changi Airport.

Singapore Zoo

The list of Singapore tourist attractions will not be complete if we do not mention the Singapore Zoo. This is where you get to meet most animals that are found in the country in a single place. The zoo is an amazing attraction that is suitable for both kids and adults. However, one should make an organized arrangement through a tour agent. This is particularly important for those who are traveling as a group.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore loves plants, flowers and shrubs. This is why it is often called a city in a garden. The Singapore Botanic Gardens have been in operation for many years and are home to thousands of different species of plants. As a tourist, visiting these gardens is a must.

Although there are many other tourist attractions in the city, these are by far the most popular. Ensure that you plan well so that you do not miss any of them. If you are a beach lover, you can add Sentosa Island as a bonus on your list. 

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