Sauters is one of the least visited towns in Grenada

By March 3, 2020 One Comment

The last two days I have described my adventures checking out the Mt Carmel Waterfall and Clabony Sulphur Springs, both of which are outside of Grenville on the east coast. When I was done exploring them I could have taken the 2 bus back down to Woburn Bay where I had the boat, but I chose a different route since I had some time. Instead I took the 9 bus to Sauter, at the northern tip of the island, from Grenville (this is the only bus that does not begin at the St George’s bus depot).

The reason I wanted to visit this village is to see Leaper’s Hill, which is a spot where the native Carib Indians jumped to their death in 1651 rather than be subjected to French rule. The top of the cliff is marked with a memorial that is at the end of a cemetery behind the local church. It is quite a dramatic drop down to the sea and makes you wonder how bad colonial rule was for natives in the New World to wish such a death over enslavement.

Is Sauters and Leapers Hill somewhere all tourist should go? No, not really, but if you want to see some history and be off the beaten path, then this is a good place to venture. Afterwards you can walk around town and/or down to the local beach.

To get home I picked up the 5 bus and rode it down the west coast to St George’s and then got on the 2 bus to Woburn Bay after getting some groceries. It was a long, but very fun day exploring less frequented spots around the island of Grenada.

One Comment

  • Maria says:

    I love this article , my heart leaped and I smiled as I saw the word Sauters. I recall my first visit to Greneda to located family on Carricou. I took the van and stayed on longer than I should, ending up in Sauters! This was nothing but wrong turn that lead to an awesome experience thee colorful homes on the coast line , the ocean, so breathtaking.

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