YouTube Live about hauling the boat & getting out of Grenada

By July 22, 2020 3 Comments
Hauling Guiding Light out of the water

Join me at 11am EDT today as I share with you what all it was like being in quarantine in Grenada, the process to clear in, hauling the boat and storing it for hurricane season, and finally what I had to do to get out of Grenada and back in the US. Whee, it was a busy couple weeks getting everything done, but now I am in Tennessee and you can find out why. 🙂

This YouTube Live is part of my series where I will do a live video every third Wednesday at 11am eastern time. I moved it back from every two week to every three weeks because I was getting too rushed to get a new one out. Haha. When you are there please make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button and the bell icon so you can get notices when I put a new video up.

See you in a few hours!!!!!


  • Shane says:

    Both of these options will require you to renew your USCG MMC (captain’s licence). I think a Masters Near Shore is required. You will also need the basic STCW if you are doing anything international, which would include from one Island group to another.

    One final option would be to just be the captain on a day boat and not deal with the overnight guest. If you want to go down and check it all out you can do that, but you might just go down before the season starts and get a day charter job and get the lay of the land while still making some money and contacts.

    I hope all this helps, but if not just let me know what else I can explain.


  • Shane says:


    Thanks for writing. If I understand your question you are wanting to get advice because you want to live in the Caribbean as a professional captain. Given that you are a scuba diver I see two different options, but both require a dive masters or instructor certification. First you could become a captain/diver on a dive boat taking groups out for a couple hours to dive. I am not really in that group, so all I can really say is just look up all the dive shops in the area you want to be in and chat with them.

    The second option is as the captain on a term charter boat that offers diving also.

  • JOHN HARVAN says:

    Hi shawn
    I was reading your guide on operating charter boat. I am interested. I lived aboard and sailed SF Bay over 20 years on 3 different sailboats. I am a US Coast Guard Vet, certified as sport & commercial diver. I took the US Coast Guard Captains test and passed 100% but I ‘ll need to retest. I would be starting out from scratch and suggestions? Is it possible to partner with a group? Im only interested in serving as the boats captain Im 60 y/o not super flush with cash thought it would be an option. I thought maybe not chartering for a year just to check out the lay of land
    Open to suggestions

    John Harvan

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