Taking a Cutty Tour on Grenada is the best choice you can make

By September 11, 2018 2 Comments
Cutty Tour 1

When I got to Grenada I was greeting by some friends of mine that highly suggested several things to do. One of those things was to take a Cutty Tour. What is a Cutty Tour? Good question! Cutty is a local taxi driver that loves to give day long tours.

My guest and I used him for a tour across the island (around $200-250 total) to see a chocolate factory, Belmont Estates, River Antoine Rum Distillery, and more. In the coming blogs I will tell you about each of these destinations and why you should visit them, but today I simply want to tell you how much we enjoyed having Cutty show us the island.

For me, the thing that sets a Cutty Tour apart from other guides is his love and appreciating for the diverse plant life on Grenada. It seemed like he stopped at every tree on the island and showed us what was unique about that plant or tree. My highlights were when he peeled cinnamon bark straight off the tree, when he opened a dried-out pod and show us where luffas come from, and explaining about nutmegs (the island is famous for them after all). I could go on, but the sheer volume of info he gave us is hard to comprehend.

On the Pure Grenada website they have this to say about Cutty:

Cuthbert Mc Meo has over 25 years’ experience as a taxi and tour operator. He loves his Island and finds pleasure in indulging visitors in the culture, cuisine and beautiful landscapes of Grenada. Being a well-established and reputable operator, Cutty customizes each tour to deliver a one of a kind experiences which keeps customers coming back for more. Services include; turtle watching, full and half day Island tours with stops at the water falls, lakes, forest to see the monkeys, chocolate and rum factories, transportation and transfers. Phone: 473-407-5153; e-mail:

As I said make sure to give him a call and go on a Cutty Tour. You will love it.

Cutty Tour 2

Cutty showing us where castrol oil comes from.


  • Shane says:


    I think you will love a tour with Cutty, but you need to contact him directly. His info is Phone: 473-407-5153 and e-mail: I hope this helps and you have a wonderful visit to Grenada.


  • Carl Pfister says:

    I arrive this Saturday 12/15 for one week.
    Two people (wife and i) and was wondering if you have any tours planned with opening to share cost?

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