Grenada’s sulphur springs goat farm!?!?!

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POTD - Cruising - Grenada - Goat Farm

Over the last week and a half I have been sharing different aspects of our island tour with Cutty. While we loved all of it the last thing we saw was a bit disappointing. You see I gave Cutty a list of the places I found out about and he based the tour on that. The last item was a particular sulphur spring that was suppose to be the highlight of the island according to some friends. What they did not say was that it was an hour hike back to it. Well since our day was coming to a close quickly Cutty tried to do everything on the list by taking us to another sulphur springs. This one seemed like it was in a guy’s backyard where there were goats grazing. When I told my friend he said oh you went to the GOAT FARM!!!! Haha

While the place was a disappointment I did get a descent shot for the photo of the day. What do you think? Also, follow me on Instagram to see all my past “photos of the day” and to keep up with each new one. Thank you!

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