The Seven Sisters Waterfalls in Grenada

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Seven Sisters Waterfalls POTD

In the middle of the lush Grenada interior you will find the Seven Sisters Waterfalls cascading down cliffs and rocks to make inviting pools of water you can swim in.

Looking down from the second waterfall. Want to jump with me?

To get there simply take a taxi, drive a rental car past Grand Etang, or pick up the Zone 6 bus. If you take the bus, like I did, then ask the driver to let you off at the waterfalls and walk in from there. I would like to tell you it is a great hike, but the reality is it will only take about 15 minutes to get there and half of that is on a road.

made it to the top. check out #7 waterfall.

But what it lacks in hiking it more than makes up for in scenery and swimming. You can get a guide, but to go to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls you will not need one, so simply pay your 5 EC (about $2) entrance fee and take the trail all the way there. Once there the first scene you will find is the cover photo, which is worth the effort to get here already. If you walk towards the base of the second pool you will find a little goat trail off to the right that will take you to the top of the second falls. From here it is a small canyon and the only way to see the other five waterfalls is to climb up the slight incline in the rushing water and then swim across the wonderfully refreshing pool. After that it is just a matter of climbing each small falls (5-10 feet each) and swimming or wading across another pool and repeating.

When I went I was the only one there, but even if there are other people at the lower two falls I bet many of them do not climb up #3, so you will have even more peace at #4-7. If you want a little adrenaline rush then you can jump from the top of the second falls, which is about 25-30 feet high, into the 20 foot deep pool below. It is awesome!!!!

Honeymoon Falls

As a little bit of an added bonus, upstream you can find Honeymoon Falls, but I found the Seven Sisters Waterfalls you be more enjoyable. If you do happen to want to go to Honeymoon Falls I would recommend hiring a guide for around $24 to take you. It is only about 10 minutes farther than the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, but the trail is rather overgrown and tough to find. With that said if you want to try on your own then as you walk from the entrance take the right fork just after you cross the little stream. Take this up and over for about 10 minutes and you will come back to the bigger stream. It does not look like much until you climb up the rock and around the bend then you get the tallest falls of the bunch, but a smaller pool.

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