Mona monkeys in Grenada

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Grenada - mona Monkeys POTD
Grenada - mona Monkeys 3

Today is the second entry from the day tour my dad and I did with Cutty (phone #473-407-5153) and I am talking about the mona monkeys found on Grenada. The mona monkey is native to the lowland forests found in the west African countries of Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, and Cameroon. They were transported to Grenada in the 18th century aboard slave ships.

Grenada - mona Monkeys 4

On Grenada they live in the rain forested highland area found in he center of the island. If you stop and listen you can hear them moving in the treetops in groups of 12-30 as they search for fruit. Interestingly they carries food in cheek pouches.

Grenada - mona Monkeys 2
Dad looks a bit concerned, haha

Many of the local guides carry small bananas to lure the monkeys out of the trees. They will have tourists stand with their arm on another person’s shoulder in a chain and the money will walk along this human chain. If you do this please be aware these are still wind animals, so do not reach up and grab on as they find this aggressive and will defend themselves.

I have to say the mona monkeys were a cool distraction on the way to Grand Etang lake, which is up next.

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