Annandale Falls is a great and simple waterfall in Grenada

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Grenada - Annandale Falls POTD

When my dad came to visit and spend time on the boat in Grenada I took him on a day long tour of the island with Cutty (phone # 473-407-5153), whom I believe to be one of the best tour guides the island has.

Grenada - Annandale Falls 1

The first stop we made was at Annandale Falls. This was a great waterfall to visit on Grenada, because it is easy to get to and my dad did not need to walk very far. If you don’t want to take a tour you can also reach the waterfall by taking bus #7 from St George’s.

Grenada - Annandale Falls 4
Looking down the waterfall

Once you pay the $2 entrance fee you walk along a short path that splits in two. The left fork goes to the base of the waterfall, while the right fork heads upwards along a nature trail showing off many of the plants of the Spice Island before ending at the top of the waterfall.

Grenada - Annandale Falls 3
The river suppling the waterfall

One cool, or annoying depending on how you look at it, thing at Annandale Falls is a couple of the local men are there taking tips to dive from the top of the waterfalls for you. They are good, but they can also be annoying as they keep asking you for money. I was a little disappointed when I was told that I was not allowed to jump also.

The next stop on Cutty’s tour for us today will be Grand Etang and the local monkeys. Interesting, lets head out.

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