Getting into Grenada during Covid-19

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A little over a month ago I finished up my mandatory two week, on boat quarantine in order to gain the right to be tested by the Grenada health officials. To be honest they let me out a day early because the nurses were available.

The officials broke up all the boats into two different groups with an hour lag time between them. My time slot was 8:30am and I arrived 15 minutes ahead of time and was only the 3rd or 4th group in line. It was a totally simple process of answer that you have no symptoms, getting your finger pricked for a few drops of blood, and waiting 15 minutes for the results. Of course I did see several of the cruising couples that were in their 20’s and 30’s filming everything as if it was lots of drama for their YouTube channels. You know it use to be said that sex sells, but now I think it is all about drama selling. Pretty sad commentary as to where we are as a society. Haha.

Once we got the negative results everyone was allowed to officially check into Grenada and then go about your business as long as your wore your mask when entering a business. I had a couple friends that I wanted to visit with and get just a few provisions after being stuck on the boat for two weeks.

This was all on a Monday and I wanted to hangout with the two boats I knew that were in the Port Luis Marina, which inside the two part harbor of St George’s. I also wanted to get their help to take down and fold the sails, get my laundry, and go to their movie night. The problem was if you did not choose to dock in the marina (which I did not due to cost and, more importantly, breeze) you had to anchor outside the harbor, but the main anchorage was for quarantine only and they kept chasing boats out of the other anchorages that were close enough to dinghy in (plus my dinghy was in sad shape, but I will tell you about that next post 🙂 ). After dodging around for several days I raised anchor and motored around the island to Grenada Marine in St David’s on the southeast corner of the island. I will pick up from there on the next post.

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