Belmont Estate is a historic plantation on Grenada

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Belmont Estate
Belmont Estate chicken coop

Belmont Estate chicken coop

Last Tuesday I told you how much I enjoyed taking a tour on Grenada with Cutty and Thursday I told you about our first stop at a chocolate factory. Well our second stop was at the 17th century plantation named Belmont Estate.

Belmont Estate was absolutely beautiful with the old building and the manicured grounds. They seemed to do everything on the estate including making chocolate also. They had a wonderful selection of tropical birds and some tortoises along with the typical farm animals of chickens and goats. I was also fascinated with the vanilla they were growing, and the flowers everywhere were gorgeous.

Belmont Estate tortoise

Did you know that you can tell the sex of a tortoise by the bottom of their shell? A flat shell is a female and a curved one, like this guy, is a male. It is curved so the female’s top shell fits into the males.

Belmont Estate also has a higher end restaurant that serves a delicious buffet, but you might want to make reservations because they do get busy.

To see more of Belmont Estate, check out the photo of the day tomorrow and last Friday. Cutty is two for two on great sites and you should have him take you someday also.

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