Cruising with kids – how and why to do it podcast

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Mike Bayer - Cruising With Kids & Traveling SE Asia and Africa

I have Mike Bayer with me for this episode of the Guiding Light podcast and we talking about cruising with kids. He and his wife have chosen to take a year and cruise from Grenada to Florida with their two young girls in order to build stronger bonds as a family.

Plus we also talk about him and his wife traveling to SE Asia and going on safari in Africa before they had the girls.

It is super entertaining subjects and I hope you enjoy our banter for the next 50 minutes. Below you can see some of the links we talk about and as always I would love to read what you think of the episode.

Moose on the Loose (
Sailing Totum
Cruising Guide For Kids
Blog about playing with local kids
Ticket to Ride
Settlers of Catan
Hong Kong
Most powerful passport in the world
Safari – Big 5
Corlette Wessels Photography
Great Loop of America
Dry Tortugas
Cumberland Island
Skipper Bob Cruising Guide

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