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This year I will be cruising the Windward Islands

By April 29, 2018 No Comments

Remember last year how Melek and I did a six-week cruise through the Leeward Islands? Well this year I will be cruising the Windward Islands partly on my own and partly with a friend I met in Mongolia. The original plan was to head south on April 19th and visit Antigua for the first two weeks. Well if you read last Thursday’s blog then you know my dinghy engine put a little delay on the departure date.

Now my plan will probably be to head directly to Dominica and spend a couple of weeks there before moving to St Lucia where I will meet my friend on the 20th of May. The more and more I have read about Dominica the more excited I am to visit this country. Not so much for the cruising aspect of the island, but for the lush and natural state of the interior. There are mountains, rainforest, waterfalls, boiling lakes, and more. Plus, every time I meet a local smiling in the Virgin Islands I find out they are from Dominica. The people are so happy and inviting.

Once I have picked my friend up we will head to St Vincent and the Grenadines, which is another highlight for me. I have been hearing how amazing the Grenadines are and people have compared them to the Virgin Islands. From what I can gather they are a more beautiful and less crowded collection of islands that are not nearly as tall or big as the Virgin Islands.

From there we will sail to Grenada to check out what has become the cruisers summer camp as many stay here over the hurricane season. I will drop him off for a week as I run a charter with a family of six back through the Grenadines (yea I get to see it again) before returning and getting him back aboard.

The last exciting place we will try to explore is Trinidad and Tobago. These two island form a country that is closer to South America than Grenada. We will have to overnight to get there, but once there we will see the birthplace of the steel drum. supposable Tobago is off the radar of most people, so it is very low-key and a great place to visit.

What do you think? Does this sound exciting? I hope you think so and will follow my blogs and photos through this fantastic voyage.

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