Phare Bleu Marina is a great little resort and marina on south Grenada

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Phare Bleu Marina 1

Yesterday I showed you a picture of me on what looks like a sunken pirate ship mast. This post was placed off the beach of Phare Blue as a fun place for kids to play. It is set at an angle and has a platform like a crows nest. The family I was there with had two kids and we all jumped from the platform for over an hour.


Phare Bleu Marina 2Once we were done we joined the parents on the beach as they lounged in chairs and hammocks. There was also a nice little bar and restaurant. After a rest the kids and I swam out to the thatched covered swim platform and played on it also.

Phare Bleu lightshipAnother cool thing at Phare Bleu was the Swedish lighthouse built in 1900. This ship has a lighthouse on the aft end of it and was used in Sweden for decades. Instead of trying to build lighthouses in dangerous and inhospitable places, the government built lightships and anchored them at the danger spots during the summer months when boats are moving around the area. During the summer they are brought into the harbor because winter prevented ship traffic anyways. Anyways Phare Blue has an original one on the docks that they use for the marina’s showers, heads, lounge area, and bar. It was super cool.

If you are in south Grenada make sure to come in and check out Phare Blue, because you might end up relaxing away the entire day like we did.

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