Grand Etang Lake is a great place to absorb beauty

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Grenada - Grand Etang POTD

Grand Etang Lake is a body of water in the crater of an extinct volcano. It is located in the rain forest highlands found in the center of Grenada at a height of 1800 feet above sea level. Grand Etang Lake covers 36 acres and is around 20 feet deep. There is some evidence that Grand Etang Lake is connected to the active underwater volcano Kick ’em Jenny. Both have been observed bubbling at the same time.

Grenada - Grand Etang 2

Looking at review on TripAdvisor people are disappointed with Grand Etang Lake and that is probably because they just came here expected lots of activity and left. They got it totally wrong. It is a place of quiet beauty and contemplation. Plus if you take the time and hike the trail around the lake you will go past waterfalls and through some jungle and will see tropical birds, tiny lizards, orchids, armadillos and the mona monkeys I wrote about last time. The trail system offers hike of 15 minutes up to four hours. Alone the shore there is a small observation platform and several Asian looking picnic pavilions. One thing I have not seen is anyone swimming in the water. It could be not allowed or it could be because there are rumors Grand Etang Lake is the home of a mermaid living in the depths that lures men to their watery grave. Bwhahahaha. 🙂

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